4 Tips to Reduce Stretch Marks 

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There are some lucky few who do not get affected by stretch marks. For, most it is a nightmare that you wish you never had. Stretch marks appear on the body when the skin gets stretched beyond its elastic limits in a short period of time. When the skin gets back to its original position, the loosened skin has a visible mark which shows the impact.

They also show up when you lose weight as the skin across the body gets stretched when you put on excess weight. Though some mothers carry them with pride as a symbol of motherhood, these stretch marks is not really a welcome sight and people are always on the lookout for remedies to get rid of them.

The stretch marks cannot really be prevented as the collagen of the skin gets fractured when stretched, but they can surely be helped to a large extent by keeping the skin healthy and hydrated. You can minimize the stretch marks by following some basic tips as below:

  1. Helping the Stretch Marks to Fade

Stretch marks go through two stages of existence. Initially, they are red and they slowly fade to become silvery white making them less visible. The affected collagen cannot be corrected but by going by bio oil for stretch marks review, they can help in speeding up the time required for the change of color. As they become less noticeable, you can get back to wearing your regular style of clothes rather than those, which can cover you up and hide away the stretch marks.

  1.    Natural Remedies

There are clinical remedies, which can help you reduce the stretch marks by interacting directly with the collagen through light and needle treatments. But most people prefer to go for either topical application of creams and oils, or they choose natural remedies considering they do not affect the core cells of the skin. You can use various natural products that help reduce the inflammation of the skin. Chamomile is one such product. Keeping your skin hydrated is another method which can be useful. For this purpose, you can use Aloe Vera and glycerine effectively.


  1.    Exercising to Produce Anti-oxidants

Pregnant women are advised to continue doing light exercise such as yoga, walking and swimming throughout the term of their pregnancy to maintain the muscle tone and prevent the skin from becoming loose. The other benefit of exercising is the prevention of stretch marks through the production of anti-oxidants and improvement in the blood flow which also stimulates the production of collagen.

  1.    Avoid Exposure to the UV Rays

Spending time in the sun and exposing your newly created stretch marks to the UV rays could lead to their pigmentation, and you surely do not want that. Any activities, which require you to be in the sun, should be undertaken only after applying sun cream and UV protection creams.

Hope the blog has covered all the points on bio oil for stretch marks review. If nothing else works, you can always resort to making up to cover the stretch marks. Hope the blog has given useful information as how to get rid of stretch marks. Stay connected to us for more sections. Thanks for reading!    

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